Zucchini Eggplant Lasagna with Cashew Ricotta

Base Recipe:


Here’s what I changed:
– cashew ricotta – 3 eggs, didn’t seem like it needed more
– baked uncovered 30-40 mins or until sauce is boiling – seemed weird that to cook everything individually and then together for so long.
– coated squash in olive oil, salt and red pepper flakes, then baked instead of grilling, then put them in a Tupperware with paper towels on the bottom and let sit overnight to absorb the liquid – I think this was key!
– used 5 small yellow squash, 4 good sized zucchini and 3 Italian eggplants and this was barely enough
– Added 1/2 can of diced tomatoes to the marinara sauce. Seemed not tomatoey enough without it
– used 1 lb ground turkey and 1/2 lb hot Italian ground sausage for the meat. I think it would have been kinda bland tasting without the hot Italian sausage, but it was really good with it!
– lastly, I did three layers of squash – the yellow at the bottom like she said, eggplant where she said, and then zucchini right after the meat layer

Ok, I think that’s it. Basically I tweaked everything, oops, but I don’t think it really matters because I feel like you can’t really mess it up, it’s good because that cashew cheese tasted exactly like ricotta!
Have fun 🙂


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